The Reading Chamber

  • Project: The Reading Chamber
  • Book: Architecture’s Appeal
  • Editor: Mark Neveu, Negin Djavaherian
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Location: London
  • Year: 2015

“The Reading Chamber” centers on a chimeric room whose construction has stimulated generations of transcriptions and mistranslations. Originally exhibited in the bend of a copper pipe and later acquired by a permanent collection, the text has been freshly transcribed and includes drawings by Scintilla Paramanu, Scott Hsu, Michael McDowell, Andrew Broddle, Charlotte Ensign, Rob O’Roboro and Angelina Putri. “The Reading Chamber” is the initial entry in Architecture’s Appeal, a volume of essays celebrating the teaching and scholarship of Dr. Alberto Pérez-Gómez by examining the role of history and theory in contemporary architectural praxis. Contributors to Architecture’s Appeal include: Karsten Harries, Juhani Pallasmaa, Steven Holl, Paul Emmons, Marco Frascari, Tracey Eve Winton, Kenneth Frampton, Lily Chi, Louise Pelletier, David Leatherbarrow, Natalija Subotincic, Stephen Parcell and Ricardo Castro.

“The Reading Chamber,” Architecture’s Appeal, eds. M. Neveu, N. Djavaherian (London: Routledge, 2015).


Exhbited At


Architecture's Appeal

  • Exhibited: 7 new illustrations of The Reading Chamber at Parsons School of Constructed Environments as part of Architecture’s Appeal, a panel discussion and book-launch with Alberto Pérez-Gómez, Kenneth Frampton, Louise Pelletier, and co-editors Marc Neveu and Negin Djavaherian.


Van Pelt - Dietrich Library

  • Acquired by University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Van Pelt - Dietrich Library with assistance from the Alumni and Friends Memorial Book Fund. Portfolio N7433.4.K575 R43 1997b Work: The Reading Chamber (#0 of 11). This version of The Reading Chamber is described in the catalog as follows: “Eight laminated leaves attached by wire to a central, pivoting metal hinge, which is, in turn, attached to copper tubes at top and bottom, which are fixed to ceiling and floor, allowing the book, suspended at approximately eye-level for a standing reader, to be circumnavigated by spinning the text-pages.” Also noted: “one laminated leaf [has] detached from [the] central hinge.”


ARCHItextURE: Experiencing Books as Buildings

  • Exhibited at the Philadelphia Art Alliance in the group show, ARCHItextURE: Experiencing Books as Buildings, curated by Karen Schiff.