Studiolo Furniture

  • Project: Studiolo Furniture
  • Date: 1999-2002
  • Design: Robert Kirkbride
  • Photography: Michael Lisnet

During the early stages of my dissertation research, I designed furniture for Ralph Lauren/POLO, where I learned about global markets and sourcing. This experience sensitized me to production opportunities often overlooked “in the gaps and interstices of global development” (Veils and Velocities, 186). In the thick of my dissertation writing, I co-founded Studiolo, a furniture design company named after the subjects of my research – two exquisitely crafted trompe l’oeil memory chambers from the Italian Renaissance that were conceived to attune the mind and spirit. Studiolo furniture creates room within rooms by a subtle play of materials, surfaces, geometry and proportion, expanding psychological space. I designed a line of twenty+ pieces and directed prototyping and low volume production in New York City and a 100 mile radius. Studiolo furniture has been exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art, and featured in the film XX/XY, Vogue magazine, The New York Times, and House Beautiful, and elsewhere.

Prices available upon request.

Featured In

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The New York Times

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House Beautiful

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XX/XY (2001): Film by Austin Chick featuring Studiolo showroom and furniture.


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